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Start Earning A True “Walk-Away” Residual Income As A MatchRate PLUS Referral Agent

match rate plus business opportunityThank you for your interest in the exciting, patent-pending MatchRate PLUS Referral Agent opportunity and service.  MatchRate PLUS offers Independent Agents the opportunity to market a new credit card processing service unavailable anywhere else.

As a MatchRate PLUS Agent, you have the opportunity to offer credit card processing services to any business that processes credit cards.  But unlike any other credit card processing company in the industry, MatchRate PLUS allows your referred Merchants to become a MatchRate PLUS Agent themselves and earn commissions from their own account.

Enroll As A MatchRate PLUS Agent And Generate
A Monthly Residual Income At No Cost

Matchrate PLUS AgentThe MatchRate PLUS offer to Merchants and Agent opportunity is new, unique, patent-pending, and allows both you and your referred Merchants the opportunity to build a monthly residual income. Best of all, there are no upfront or monthly costs to become a MatchRate PLUS Referral Agent.  You can enroll today – for free – and start generating a solid monthly residual income with MatchRate PLUS that is sustainable and sellable.

As a MatchRate PLUS Agent, ALL you have to do is refer leads to MatchRate PLUS.  That’s it.  There’s no selling and you don’t have to know anything about the credit card processing industry.  They will handle everything for you from talking to the prospective customer, answer their questions, enroll them, and you get paid $50.00 upfront plus a lifetime monthly residual commission.

But not only that, you can refer other people to MatchRate PLUS as Referral Agents to build your Agent organization.  You’ll earn both upfront and monthly residual commissions from all of the customers they enroll, their Agents enroll, their Agents enroll, etc. down unlimited levels.

To enroll as a MatchRate PLUS Referral Agent, click here.

If you are a Merchant who processes credit cards and you’d like to begin generating commissions from your own account with MatchRate PLUS, click here.

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