Credit Card Processing Business Opportunity

by Match Rate PLUS Agent

Searching for a credit card processing business opportunity?  MatchRate PLUS is one of the newest credit card processing companies to offer an excellent business opportunity to generate a monthly residual income.

Finally, A New And Unique Credit Card Processing Business Opportunity

credit card processing business opportunityTired of the same old merchant account business opportunity offers and sales jobs?  Tired of the same promises for free “qualified leads” and promises of an easy sic-figure residual income?

What most credit card processing companies looking to recruit salespeople is that selling credit card processing is HARD WORK and there is usually an extremely large learning curve.  Many don’t tell you this upfront when you are looking for a credit card processing business opportunity because more often than not, it’ll scare you away.

Now a traditonal credit card processing business opportunity involves joining a credit card processing company as an outside salesperson.  You get paid a straight commission and the work is TOUGH.  Besides running around town going to “qualified appointments”, you need to knock on doors, make cold calls, and get the door slammed in your face countless times a day.

The Truth About A Typical Credit Card Processing Business Opportunity

Did you know that business owners are completely slammed each and every single day for offers to switch their credit card processing services?  Business owners get phone calls every day.  They get postcards in the mail every day.  They get emails everyday.  And they have people stopping by their office a few times a week or more.

It’s no wonder as soon as you mention “credit card processing” to some business owners they nearly chase you out of their business with a broomstick and a frying pan.  So much for finding a credit card processing business opportunity, right?

Well, not so fast.  You see, the credit card processing industry has typically used the same methods to sell merchant accounts for years.

In addition, EVERY SINGLE credit card processing company works from the same exact rate poll.  There’s truly a limit as far as how low any credit card processing company can go when it come to rates.  BY LAW.  So all of the companies are basically pitching “we have the lowest rates and best customer service.”

That’s the pitch today and has been for many, many years.  But in reality, with all of the credit card processing companies out there, rates (and their profits) have been pushed lower, and lower, and lower.  In fact, MANY businesses truly have the lowest possible rates they can get.  And their Merchant Account barely pulls a profit for the Merchant Account service provider.

Now years ago, it used to be all about the rate game.  There used to be a ton of margin in credit card processing.  Now-a-days, we’re talking about tiny fractions of a percent.  Even fractions of a fraction of a percent difference, which could mean a savings of a dollar or two per month for many merchants.

Credit Card Processing Business Opportunity: A Change Was Needed

It doesn’t take much to realize that the entire credit card processing industry was in desperate need of a shift – or a disruptive technology, as Wikipedia calls it. And that creates a massive credit card processing business opportunity.

Now some of you may not know the term, but many of you are watching a disruptive technology take place right before our eyes.  The whole “deal of the day” concept by companies like Groupon or LivingSocial are completely disrupting the way small businesses market their products or services.  That market was LONG overdue for a disruption and by the growth of the top deal of the day websites, you can see that companies and consumers are jumping on that bandwagon like gangbusters.

So how does this relate to a credit card processing business opportunity?  It just so happens that a company called MatchRate PLUS is in the beginning stages of creating a disruption in the credit card processing industry.

A Game-Changing Credit Card Processing Business Opportunity

In fact, many people are calling the Match Rate PLUS credit card processing business opportunity a complete game-changer.  A 100% legit credit card processing business opportunity.  Why?  Well for one, their business opportunity and offer to Merchants is patent-pending.  For the first time ever, a Merchant can now share the flow of commissions that their merchant account generates.  25% of the commission to be exact.

No other credit card processing company nor Agent on the planet can offer this to Merchants besides MatchRate PLUS Agents.

Want to learn more about a new credit card processing business opportunity?

To enroll for free as a MatchRate PLUS Agent, click here. (This is our own personal referral website. Agents can ONLY enroll with MatchRate PLUS by being referred to by another agent.  Merchants can ONLY sign up with MatchRate PLUS through a registered Agent.)

For a little break from reading about MatchRate PLUS, be sure to check out a video submitted by one of our fans below…

To learn more about this new 100% FREE credit card processing business opportunity, and offer to Merchants, please see our MatchRate PLUS Merchant Account page.

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