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by Match Rate PLUS Agent

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Especially in today’s economy, we always need to be on the lookout for residual income opportunities.  Why?  Because you just never know what life is going to throw at you.  Researching residual income opportunities and then settling on and working a true residual income opportunity can change or even save your financial life.  I’ll share a true story on how residual income opportunities saved me during one of (actually, the most) difficult time in my life.

But first, let’s take a look at a few of the residual income opportunities that exist today…

Types Of Residual Income Opportunities

Residual Income Opportunities: Insurance

residual income insurance agentsBoth life and health insurance sales offer residual income opportunities.  You can take on a job with a local or national health or life insurance company and start selling insurance to build your monthly residual income portfolio.

Both industries provide a variety of residual income opportunities.  Depending on the company or type of insurance you choose to sell, there are often start-up costs, training costs, and you will need to pay to become licensed to sell insurance.

Residual Income Opportunities: MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing

residual income network marketingCall it what you will, they all fall under the same umbrella and offer residual income opportunities.  In this model, you sell a product or service to friends, family, and others who are interested in whatever it is you may be selling.  Additionally, recruiting others to be in your organization, or sales team provide residual income opportunities as well.

Contrary to belief, these residual income opportunities are extremely regulated and closely watched by government organization. Many confuse MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Sales with a pyramid or a ponzi scheme, which are both illegal. MLM is legal and there are in fact many publicly traded Network Marketing companies.  For these residual income opportunities, there are upfront and monthly costs associated with the business.

Residual Income Opportunities: Online Affiliate Programs

residual income affiliate programsNow there are not a ton of residual income opportunities in the online Affiliate Marketing world, but there are some.  Most popular residual income opportunities are in website hosting affiliate programs.  However, many of these companies have moved away from paying a monthly residual income and pay large commissions upfront when you sell a web hosting package.

Other residual income opportunities in the online affiliate marketing world range from selling memberships to newsletters, training websites, as well as additional products and services where a person or a business pays monthly for.  A good example of this would be Aweber, a popular email marketing company.  The bottom line, you will need to do some research to find residual income opportunities in online affiliate programs.

Residual Income Opportunities: Real Estate Rental Income

residual income real estateWith the real estate market the way it is, residual income opportunities are still available, and in some cases, depending on the area, residual income opportunities are very strong here.  As home prices go down, foreclosures go up, we tend to see rents increase as the demand increases.  Many people are waiting to buy a house, so they opt to rent instead.  Or, maybe they cannot qualify for a home right now.

The residual income opportunities with house rentals are vast, however, you really need to do your research and learn everything you can about investing in real estate.  And we’re no strangers to this subject ourselves as we own several rental houses that have provided us with great residual income opportunities as the economy takes a dive.  Now unlike many residual income opportunities, this model requires actually buying houses, so you do need significant funds to buy houses with.

Residual Income Opportunities: Your Bank

residual income interestWe don’t have to go into much detail about this one.  If you have a savings account, you know first-hand that your bank does not offer the best residual income opportunities around.  With the low interest rates, you need to have a good seven-figures stocked away to build any decent passive income.  (For more info, see net interest income.)

However, there are many other residual income opportunities that exist and better ways to invest your money to provide you with higher interest and additional residual income opportunities.  Earning interest from your bank is a great thing, but it is not anything that you are going to get rich from.

Residual Income Opportunities: The Stock Market

residual income stocksBuying stocks that pay dividends is a great investment strategy.  However, you do need to have significant capital invested in order to create any real residual income opportunities that you can bank on.  And in today’s market, you need to have nerves of steel if you want to actively play the stock market game to generate an income.

The wild turns up and down can make your money come and go faster than you enrolled for your Ameritrade account.  So unless you have some big bucks to play with, along with a lot of experience and guts made out of platinum, the stock market really does not provide the best residual income opportunities today.

Residual Income Opportunities: You Own Business

residual income businessOwning your own business is truly rewarding, especially if you own a business that provides you with residual income opportunities. And of course, not every business provides residual income opportunities.  For example, if you owned a pet store that sold pet supplies, more than likely you will not have any true residual income opportunities that you can count on for a stable income each month. Sure, you’ll have repeat customers, but it’s far from a true “walk away residual income”.

A much better example of residual income opportunities with your own business would be where you offer a service to home owners that they pay monthly for.  A good example of this would be home alarm monitoring services.  Basically you sell the account once and get paid a residual income (also known as a passive income) every month from your customers who remain on the service.

Residual Income Opportunities: Sales Jobs

residual income sales jobsTake a look around on Craigslist.org in a major city and do a search for “residual” or “residual income” or “monthly residuals” under the sales jobs category.  Every now and then you’ll find a company offering a residual income opportunity.  These jobs typically do not offer a salary, so you work on straight commission selling whatever product or service that they are offering.

A good example of this would be a local SEO (search engine optimization) or web design company. They may offer SEO packages for $500, $2000, 0r $5000 per month and you get a piece of that every month when you sell an account. Another example would be a credit card processing business opportunity.  Now we’ll get into this one in more detail in a moment, including the residual income opportunity that this industry provides.

However, if you choose to go the traditional route to sell credit card processing (merchant accounts), be prepared for a large learning curve, many hours on the road, constant sales calls, and a lot of work.  Match Rate PLUS provides a business opportunity in the credit card processing industry and provides many residual income opportunities – without all the work.  In fact, they do 99% of it FOR YOU.

Residual Income Opportunities: Membership Website

residual income membership websiteA membership website provides many residual income opportunities. However, it takes work – and a LOT of it.  We have first-hand building membership websites from the ground up and they have provided great residual income opportunities.  But with this business, you really need to know what you are doing.  You have to know how to choose the subject of the membership website, how to create ebooks, create videos, use software, create products, and there is quite a bit of technical knowledge needed, especially for a beginner.  Membership websites do provide a great passive income opportunity, but you also need to know how to market your website.  There are probably millions of membership websites in existence today, in nearly every niche.

One example of a membership website that does provide great residual income opportunities would be a website in a specific health niche.  In fact, this is what our membership website was.  We charged $9.95 per month for people to access exclusive articles, videos, and a monthly training program to help them overcome a specific health issue.  This site provided a great income for many years before it was sold to a new owner who purchased the site because he was searching for residual income opportunities and had money to invest.  This is a great business model, but you really have to know what you are doing.

Residual Income Opportunities: My Story

residual income opportunityWhen I started this blog post, I mentioned that I would share my person residual income opportunity story with you, and how building a solid and stable monthly passive income made all the difference in the world for me.

About 8 years ago, I was just like you, searching for legit residual income opportunities online so I could settle on one and work my tail off to build a large passive income.  I loved the idea of building a monthly residual income that came in month after month whether I chose to work or not.  Besides, it is also a great safety net to have incase anything pops up in your life that requires you to literally shut down your life.

And that is exactly what happened to me.

After a few years of building up my monthly residual income (after sifting through hundreds of other residual income opportunities), I received a phone call that changed my life forever.  Within a week after the phone call, my wife and I packed up everything we owned and moved 2,000 miles away.  Now I will not go into the details for many reasons, but long story short, I did not work on the business that provided me with the residual income opportunity for a good year.

There was too much going on in my life.  My life was upside down and working on anything was the last thing on my mind.  However, during that year I literally took off from everything, a truly amazing thing happened.  The residual income opportunity that I had been working not only continued to provide an income, but the income was increasing every month… sometimes by a LOT!

There were months where I earned more in one month than I had ever earned in a year… and I spent zero time building the business that provided me with such a great residual income opportunity.  Now why did it go up?  It was because I had worked hard for a couple years, building my passive income up and putting the systems in place that would sustain, maintain, and ultimately grow the residual income stream.

If I did not search through residual income opportunities and find a REAL business opportunity that I could sink my teeth into and run with, I would have had zero income coming in for a year.  So let me ask you, what if you lost your job today and couldn’t find anything to replace your income with for an entire year?  Do you really want to live off of and deplete your savings, especially in this economy?  Of course not.  That is exactly why it is more important than EVER to research residual income opportunities and find one that makes the most sense for you.

Why Find A Residual Income Opportunity?

I don’t care if your goal is to build a small residual income stream just supplement your income; to save for a rainy day.  Or your goal is to replace your current income and work full-time from home so you can enjoy the freedom of not having a boss watch your every move.  Or heck, it doesn’t matter if your goal is to build a six-figure monthly residual income and really change your life… the bottom line is this…


Your current financial situation can change at any time.  Today. Tomorrow. Next week. Next year. You really need to prepare for the inevitable and find a residual income opportunity  that you can run with so you have something to fall back on – just in case.  And best case, nothing ever happens… that’s great!  Put the passive income into your retirement funds so you can retire earlier than you planned on.  That’s not a bad thing, right?

Residual Income Opportunities: Match Rate PLUS

Match Rate PLUS provides a passive income businessNow it is no secret that I would like you to spend some time and consider the Match Rate PLUS business opportunity during your search for residual income opportunities.  The fact is, you are building a very, very strong ‘walk away residual income’ when you build a Match Rate PLUS business. You see, the industry average time a business (Merchant) stays a customer of a credit card processing company is 7 years.

However, that is the typical industry average spread across many customers who process credit cards.  There are businesses that stay a credit card processing customer for much longer.  Do you know who those businesses are?  They are typically business owners who have a relationship with the person who provided the merchant account services to the business owner. It could be a friend or relative.  And typically the business owner will always remain a customer because they know that they are helping their friend or relative out.

That’s the magic behind Match Rate PLUS and what makes this business opportunity one of the strongest residual income opportunities out there.  I encourage you to check out our Match Rate PLUS review and learn more about this residual income opportunity.

Match Rate PLUS has literally taken the traditional credit card processing sales cycle and flipped it on it’s head – and the entire process including the offer is patent-pending.  The typical credit card processing sales Agent will enroll just a few customers and quit after they realize how hard it is to cold-call businesses to offer merchant processing services.  However, they will usually sign up a few businesses that they know, are friends with the owners, or again, the business owner is one of their relatives.

What makes the Match Rate PLUS business opportunity so unique is that they understand this cycle and how hard it is to sell traditional credit card processing (Merchant Accounts) to small business owners.  They know the average person can only (easily) enroll one, two, or three accounts quickly.  Think of a business owner you know, your favorite restaurant, dry cleaner, etc. that you go to often where the business owner knows you.  It’s a MUCH easier sell.

But unlike ANY other company that offers merchant accounts to small businesses, Match Rate PLUS allows you to build your own Agent Network (just like the Insurance industry) and earn a percentage of the commissions generated throughout your ENTIRE Agent sales team.  This opportunity (and the Match Rate PLUS offer) is patent-pending and exclusive to Match Rate PLUS.

Will you get rich quick?  No. Unlike other online or off-line residual income opportunities you may be researching, there are no false hopes or promises here.  This is a real business in the highly regulated, closely watched, $40 trillion dollar credit card processing industry.  It will take some time to build up your passive income.  But once you do, it will come in month, after month, after month, after month.  Match Rate PLUS truly provides one of the strongest residual income opportunities on the planet – which is why we’re here.

So take a look around and compare the Match Rate PLUS opportunity (100% FREE by the way) with all the other residual income opportunities out there – there’s nothing like it!

To learn more or to become a MatchRate PLUS Agent at no cost, click here.

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my May 23, 2012 at 3:24 am

hello i have a question before i join since i m very intersted

1. when i bring in agent am i getting paid for that agent for joining me? or am i getting that commision when they start making thier sale? cause i m just alittle confuse right now on the agent part when some come in my downline and want to make sure am i m makeing that commision when they fall in to my downline or when they start making thier selles with a merchant. but just want to get alittle bite more understanding of that area.


Match Rate PLUS Agent June 12, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Hi my,

Great question. The thing to keep in mind is that MatchRate PLUS is not a Network Marketing (MLM) company. This is a multi-tier affiliate program. The biggest difference is that with Network Marketing you get paid a commission when you enroll people into the business because there is a cost.

With MatchRate PLUS, enrolling as an Agent is 100% free. There’s never one penny you have to pay to become an Agent. It’s an affiliate program that pays you multiple levels.

You only make money when customers are referred by you or others in your Agent organization. This keeps things easy, simple, and you can enroll as many agents as you want – especially because this is a free-to-enroll Affiliate program.


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